Ciao, Sicilia!

It seems like only yesterday that we were all atwitter over Portugal . . .  and, well, our winter focus on Iberia's best kept secret did just wrap up last week. Thanks to Wines of Portugal for their generous support, and to everyone who came out on March 20th for our Best of Portugal tasting, too. 

But now it's time to reveal our spring focus region (a poorly kept secret, especially if you read the headline above): we're headed to Sicily!

Literally — in about 48 hours, Jamie and John are going to Sicily. With noted importer Marco Scapagnini (who just turned up in a recent Saveur article on the Arab ancestry of Sicilian cuisine) as their host, they'll be visiting some of the island's top producers, traveling from Trapani, with it's gorgeous Carricantes, to the slopes of Mt. Etna, where Nerello Mascalese is emerging as a rockstar grape of the first rank. 

In between, who knows? Frappato, Greek ruins, COS and their amphorae, seriously great food, and Marsala that isn't just something your nonna douses chicken in. There are few wine regions causing quite as much stir as Sicily at the moment, and we're lucky to be able bring it to you in such an up-close-and-personal way. (That is, if we can figure out how to update the blog without completely zeroing out our international data plan.) 

Back on Butler St., though, Lisa, Sean and the gang will be ably holding down the fort, so, please, make sure they don't get lonely.

We'll talk to you again from Sicily!